Sunday, 23 May 2010


During the day I'm missing the night
When night I'm missing the day
Still remember for yesterday
Searching peace that have gone
I become don't know what happen my self
I 'm become missing
Missing all the time .

When will it stop
Does the hope will die
And I lost in my self .

By insan sepi .

translated by nurul .

(( Terima kasih pada Nurul, terjemahan dari puisi Rindu )) .


  1. Suara

    I understand very well your Rindu

    Thank you to put it in English

    Everybody will read and inderstand.

    "Rindu" is in my blogs , in the comments, I did not forget you and your solitude.

    Write for me! I´m a friend, a Portuguese friend, from Portugal, in Lisbon (Europe) the most
    important City of my country.

    I have in my blogs a new poem "Talk to me" is the name.

    To translate in english is difficult, but I can say the soul of poem.

    I´LL write a litlle thing :

    "Fala-me das madrugadas
    Da relva do jardim
    Pelos amantes que se amaram,
    Ao som das cítaras caladas!" (Portuguese language)


    It speaks about dawn (to rise early)

    And the grass of the garden is wet

    With "my tears and sadness"

    Ask your friend and write for me. I remember You.

    With love.

    Maria Luísa

  2. Manusia selalu lupa untuk berterima kasih pada Sang Pencipta malam dan siang. Nikmat mana lagi yang hendak kita dustakan?

    TQ sudi follow ambo.

  3. Suara

    I didn´t forgett you.

    I always remember you.

    Write for me in your language, I do not inderstand, but I feel it´s your soul.

    With love,

    Maria Luísa

  4. salam ziarah..sudi2lah singgah blog ambo...